Welcome to Elephant Car Wash

This History of Elephant Car Wash

For residents all over this valley, that big, pink elephant in Rancho Mirage is almost as much a symbol of home as the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway or Shields Famous Dates in Indio. Since 1966 Elephant Car Wash’s neon elephant has been a landmark; it has been on television shows and in magazine articles, commercials and countless tourist photographs. Anyone who has ever been through the Elephant Car Wash knows that the elephant is also a symbol of long-standing quality and service.

Recent Changes at Elephant Car Wash

In 2008, the new owners, Randy and Lorraine bought the Elephant Car Wash from the Antonis family. The car wash has long since abandoned the plastic bristle brushes in favor of high-tech, hybrid-blend cloths and high-pressure water cleaning. These washing systems produce a shine superior to hand washing but with minimal risk of scratches. Elephant was among the first car washes in the country to make the switch to cloth. Very little of the wash is actually done by hand only those areas which are difficult to reach by machine. Around 90 percent of the wash is automatic, and each car is towel dried at the finish. Elephant is one of the few “full-service” car washes in the area. Customers can have their cars washed and waxed, the interiors vacuumed and the carpets shampooed. Automobile owners get a professionally cleaned vehicle without going through the time and expense of having it detailed.

We're Commited To our Customers & The Environment

Elephant Car Wash has always been a leader in advances in the car wash industry. Computers now operate the washes, the pH factor of the dirt build-up on cars is analyzed and the soap solution is adjusted accordingly. Cleaning equipment is replaced about every three years to ensure that Elephant has the best and most modern equipment available. Environmental issues are also a factor in how vehicles are cleaned and how waste water is reclaimed at Elephant. Close attention to these details, along with a genuine commitment to good service is what keeps there customers coming back time and time again!


Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce Awarded


2013 Exemplary Small Business!